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Obedience is Enough

I’m combating inconvenience by being obedient


Chileeeeeeeeeee when I think of obedience, TUH I be like dang I’m really doing the right thing in the midst of changing circumstances AHA, that’s a lot. It’s crazy because sometimes I feel shallow in my feelings because I feel as if I’m supposed to be doing something more or where I want to be. I'm not at that place. Then my girl SJR said in the sermon An Inconvenient Time “Obedience is the key to inconvenience. What’s ahead of you is greater than what is in front of you. Nothing is inconvenient with God. Inconvenience is my breakthrough”. That spoke heavy to me this week because I had some challenging emotions that felt overwhelmed that what I’m doing is not enough. Like I questioned if what I was doing and what I desire is really possible. I started to lowball in the mist of being faithful to God’s word. That’s when it clicked, I’m staying aligned with God and He told me that my obedience is enough. What I’m experiencing isn’t a setback, it's a setup for my next move. Sometimes I could look at things and know how to see the results but with God the results are in the faith. Although I’ve been in a whirlwind of emotions I’m staying faithful to my relationship with God even though where I’m at isn’t my final destination. I’m going to continue to pray and worship, listen to my sermons, meditate, complete my daily devotional, prayer journal and fast. I’m focusing on greatness and not sorrowing in the grief. Chileeee stop playing with me, I’m combating inconvenience by being obedient.

Cadedra Burks

Obedience is enough

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