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New Outlooks

I’m trying to relax but all I can think about is how everything is not how I want it to be


‘The only problem with not knowing is thinking you are supposed to know’ — Kofi Siriboe

Be free in being free

Be free in your struggles

Be free in your success

Be you in it

Be all of you

Make those spaces of you and create a world for you

Stop worrying about what’s next financially & in my career and truly trust I’m going to be okay. Trust this moment, trust this time, trust God, trust myself. I’m spending too much time on what I don’t like about my current circumstances that is inhabiting my fullest potential. The no’s, not now, no sales or just in general building and bringing wellness in spaces that’s not familiar has nothing to do with the type of person I Am and everything to do with what they are exposed to. New is different. Change is different. Uncomfortable conversation with self & others is different. Different is different & I want to embrace that. Be a person that show what they say. Stop shrinking! Don’t be who you have to be, be who you want to be. Be okay with what you want. Pride yourself on your goodness. Your good may not be their good but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. How do you want to project yourself? Focus on that projection and what that looks like for you. Remember, ‘The human experience is about truth’ —Kofi Siriboe

Cadedra Burks

New Outlooks

Evaluation Sunday Blog


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