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Never Underestimate Your Mind

The evil spirit created the Holy Spirit, so don’t think some grass isn’t greener.


Evaluation Sunday Blog

Preparation is never time wasted. Your abilities can be advanced as long as you work hard and stay dedicated. Everything isn’t instant gratification, it takes time for greatness. Nothing that you have, will be wasted even if it feels like odds are against you. If the doors weren't open it wasn’t for you, so understand when something isn’t meant to be. When you have rejection issues, it affects the atmosphere. It’s what’s wrong with you that will determine what’s right with you. The evil spirit created the Holy Spirit, so don’t think some grass isn’t greener. When you play your heart, the evil will disperse. Wherever the spirit is, there’s liberty. Never underestimate the power of praise. Praise him because your life was created through him. You’re the instrument created to praise.  Praise is the answer, it’s the key, it’s the source, and it’s the power. God hears you and you are exactly where you need to be. Don’t give up, but praise him. Understand that you might not believe it should be you, but it is you. So understand the ‘why’ in whatever it is . Understand why you need to understand the root of it , the truth of it and the future of it. To get through it , you have to persevere through it. You have to focus on what it is and not what you tell yourself in order to remain comfortable. It’s you, it’s happening, now praise him as he leads you through it. Everything has a purpose, everything happens for a reason but God is still leading the way. Never underestimate you! Trust the process and praise Him though it !

TD Jakes - The power of an instrument

1 Samuels 16 14-23


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