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Life is a constant evolution of elevation of self.


Mannnnn this week has been something chileeeeeee. It’s my golden birthday, I’m 27 on the 27th today and I must say, your girl is blessed. It’s funny because this week my focus has been to really go to war with my spirit in the midst of my major life changes. Moving to the DMV is allowing me to upgrade my lifestyle, my career and my self care. Sometimes we seek to have it all together exactly how we plan, but when we turn the cheek to God’s plan we notice an insurmountable overflow. In the midst of affliction, I’m learning stillness is key. I know you are thinking, how am I going to be still with a million things to do, when I say trust me it is worth it, it is! That is you telling God to take the wheel from you. It relieves the stressors, anxieties, overwhelming feelings, thoughts and emotions of life. At 27 I’m realizing stillness is the key to getting what you want. It’s not being overwork, overwhelmed and overthought. It’s the essence of knowing that you are good. It’s a reminder that you can and will. It’s an affirmation that you are equipped with everything you need to do whenever God destined it. Life is a constant evolution of elevation of self. Release fear, control and expectations and watch how healing, gratitude and joy overtake you. It’s a blessing given when it’s earned. I earned it. Stillness is the ultimate level of love without conditions, I’m honoring that daily. Happy Birthday to Me. For my birthday I want you to invest in your wellness, enjoy the flash sale of the Self Care Lifestyle Boxes and Wellness Ebook.


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