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Make It Known

Your instincts and guts is a sign from your spirit...


Evaluation Sunday Blog

Make it known for what you know. Conviction opens the gate for reflection; As you reflect, understand the perks of what’s right and what’s wrong. There’s no in-between, don’t allow wickedness to overshadow your growth when you know better. Your instincts and guts is a sign from your spirit; believe it, listen to it and act on it. Activate what you know you should do, so that it doesn’t lead to unnecessary problems. Don’t give yourself more troubles knowing that you can prevent it. In other words, stop being so hard headed and start listening to what’s in your spirit. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Make it known and take responsibility for your actions. Remember your identity and allow your actions to be known. Don’t ignore the signs, they teach you things. Don’t run or hide from your true self. Do it for God and not for the gram. Allow God to manifest in your life. Make your wants, needs, feelings, expectations, aspirations and so on KNOWN. Your spirit doesn’t lie, so allow God to rebuke anything that’s against you. You are who you say you are and you can do what God said you can do. Make it known!

"Make it Known" - Sarah Jakes Roberts

Jonah 1 7-12


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