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Applying my love language

I’m choosing to love myself the way I want to be loved by others


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My love language is words of affirmations; which are unsolicited compliments.  Hearing the words, "I love you," or thank you for helping me, listening to me, supporting me are important— hearing the reasons behind that love deepen my affection. It's ironic because growing up I didn’t have words of affirmations, I thought the way to love was through actions not words. So it funny to see how life can come back full circle. My love language is what I needed when I was younger and didn’t know, what I need now that I do know and what I’m working towards in my own self expression. Sometimes I feel unloved, desperate or the need of temporary attention; whether that a thing, person or place. I don’t want to settle but at times I feen for the desire to be wanted, catered and held. Although I feel these desires, I no longer ever want to sacrifice my integrity, truth and worth for a temporary satisfaction. God is shifting me , that’s why the transition from trusting actions to trusting love is so hard. I learned my feelings can’t be trusted, feelings don’t always validate my reality and feelings are a response to what has happened not what is about to happen. I’m choosing to love myself the way I want to be loved by others. It’s a process, but I’m growing in my love language.

Applying my love language 

Cadedra Burks 

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