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Listen to your voice

I went from ‘it is what it is’ to ‘that hurt me but I’m ready to heal’


When it comes to healing from heartbreak, disappointment, disrespect, lust and so forth I realize I couldn’t just Skip To My Lou, lord knows I tried. I soon realized just because I chose to skip over it didn’t mean I was healing. It meant I was suppressing. And that suppression kept coming around full circle until I learned to heal from it. I went from ‘it is what it is’ to ‘that hurt me but I’m ready to heal’. It’s hurtful, it’s tiring, it makes me fatigued, it makes me sad, but on the flip side I feel more power, more free, more peace, more strength. I learned what brought me to healing was learning to listen to my voice. Listening to my voice was hard and at times I still struggle. It’s hard because sometimes I need to face the ugly truth. That truth shit don’t be for me sometimes because sometimes I just don’t want to feel. Feelings get me caught up. I'm not going to lie, but I saw this post the other day that said ‘two things can be true at the same time’ that really shifted my perspective. It definitely was an eye and heart opener because a lot of times we learn it can only be our truth. I’m learning the truth can often be conflicted with feelings. So I’m practicing trusting myself, which some of you may think like it’s you why would you even have to think about it, but it’s so surreal. Trusting myself allows me to be and that being gives me grace. That grace comes from God. Grace allows imperfections, flaws, insecurities, shame, guilt and so on. So when trusting myself, I’m practicing Grace. That Grace that is everlasting from God. That practice includes allowing my thoughts to fluster through writing, singing, reading, dancing and listening. Sometimes I don’t realize I’m practicing Grace until I reflect, that’s how I know God is with me. Fight for you by allowing yourself to accept what you knew, what you know and what you’re trying to create for the future. Trust yourself and get your Self Care Lifestyle Box today to begin your journey today!

Cadedra Burks

Evaluation Sunday Personal Blog

Listen to your voice


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