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Less Performative

Less performative and more realistic in my prerogative


After listening to the Balanced Black Girl Podcast on ‘Unapologetically Dreaming Big + The Dreams I Dream’ episode it sparked a lot of intuitive thoughts, feelings and attributes. Les asked the question ‘What do you want to dream more about?’ and my mind suddenly felt liberating joy. Chileeeee let me tell you why. First of all, this whole thing about being intentional is helping me deteriorate this performative lifestyle I was living. Tuh let me go deeper, I’m learning that what matters to me is not up for clickbait. I had to check myself because I realized in this season where I’m resting in God and who I truly want to be and what I truly want to do, I’m left uncertain because of my drive to be something instead of being. Whew 😥. The pressure to be somebody instead of being who I Am. The pressure to be an influencer instead of a black woman who makes a true impact with my Self Care Lifestyle business. The pressure to be financially free while making space for my wants. Instead of applying pressure for performative measures, I want to thrive in what makes me happy. Doing, living, achieving and honoring what happiness is to me. I want to dream more about being connected to coaching black women how to self care, traveling for new experiences, being a loving partner unconditionally, being confident in my insecurities, having enough worthiness of who I am, healing the trauma I’m carrying in my body, full trust in my faith, feeling free without judgment of that person I want to be, do and live and lastly more celebrations of the fruits of the spirit. That matters to me, but I can get caught up in the performance of who I want to be, that who I’am isn’t enough. God has been stripping that performance for me to be okay with me. Less performative and more realistic in my prerogative. I love that. It’s my prerogative to be free. Cues Bobby Brown song 🎶 It’s time to strategize my satisfaction to developed an investment in the what, when, where, how and why that adds action, attentiveness and asset to my lifestyle! The SMART goal way, you feel me? 2022 what’s popping? ‘Brand new whip just hop on’ 🎶

Cadedra Burks

Less Performative

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