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Learning how to LOVE

IDK what love is I’m just figuring it out 


Evaluation Sunday Blog

As I grow in this thing call love I’m realizing the sacrifice goes way beyond my ability to comprehend chileee. Love is a unconditional sacrifice for God, yourself & others Chile. If I’m being real to myself I struggle with not knowing how to love without conditions. It always this thing where it like I’ll be better or feel better if I do this or that or if I complete this or that or pass this or that. I wasn’t properly taught how to love, what is it and how to go about it. I grew up in survival, so love was an action not a feeling. I always cringe when I have to say the words ‘I love you’ because it’s like I am supposed to love myself because that's what I suppose to do, I am supposed to love my family & friends because that's what I suppose to do. I’m learning love is freedom. When I think about the beauty & freeness in growing I think now how it is embedded in love. I’m realizing experiences, empathy and empowerment teaches me how to really love unconditional. I realized I been forcing myself to understand the complex word ‘love’ instead of trying to feel it. As I continued to evolve in this thing called life I want to be persevere in my experiences, grow in empathy and empower through expressing. I believe I have to learn how to both receive and give that type of free love. That's God and I want to love more like him. 

Cadedra Burks 

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Learning how to love


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