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It’s already yours

My senses are rooted in my spirituality


Chileeeeee lately I’ve been transitioning in manifestations. I believe it comes from believing bigger in what I can’t see, what I can’t feel, what I can’t touch, what I can’t hear and even what I can’t taste. You probably like girllll what but hear me out. Senses can be recognizable in the flesh but as I’m recognizing it in the spirit it has heightened to new levels of self that I can’t even fathom. It’s like my senses are rooted in my spirituality. It’s crazy because the more I discover what already is, the more what is already happening or happened becomes clear. It’s level to that awareness because sometimes you have to pivot the how but the belief remains. For me I typically only trust the how, but I’m learning to invest in belief more. It’s a different type of transformation when you learn to pivot in the unknown because you’re in alignment with the spirit. It’s like my spirit is guiding me with my flesh instead of my flesh trying to guide me with the spirit. It’s complex to understand, but when I am in the spirit I feel at my highest self even when I don’t understand what, when, why, where and how. Clarity is an honorable mention of knowing what has happened is not happening to you but with you. I’m trusting what is already because it is. I have been practicing what is already because it is. I am trusting what is already because it is. The truth in this transition is always becoming one with the spirit and not one with the flesh. The flesh can be rigid but the spirit is always rooted in the fruits of it. The tricky part for me is getting caught up in the emotions of the flesh, but I’m learning that the emotions are just that emotions and I can feel them. The key to feeling them is knowing how to identify what it is to you, not what is within you. That part is even tough but getting back to that ‘it already is’ is a being grounded in God to know and discover what is already is for you. Whew God, check your daughter out this blog is straight from the spirit 💕

Cadedra Burks

It’s already yours

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