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Intimacy with S.E.L.F

(S)oothe your (E)xpressions of (L)ove to the F(ullness)


Whew chileeee when it came to intimacy I never really realized that it starts with self first. I always thought intimacy was closeness with someone else through sex, but now I know it’s much deeper than pleasure. My love language is words of affirmations and I noticed again I always used to expect others to give me that, but I had to learn what that looked like for me. Then I had an epiphany, intimacy with myself is trusting God, understanding what matters, being safe with my thoughts, honoring my lifestyle, expression of my boundaries, using my voice to uplift, respecting my standards, protecting my peace, emotions and outlooks; intimacy is being comfortable with who I am and loving that girl to the fullest. In order to get close to me, I had to see what was blocking it; it was the lack of awareness, needs, values and standards. To be intimate with self I learned the power of self awareness. Self awareness taught me to define my needs. Defining my needs was an expression of self love, which allowed me to affirm my values. My values taught me to honor my standards. BARS! I was never taught to value myself, I had to learn it. Through trials I learned that I can’t get close to myself through others. I used to think if I give myself to this person, they must value me; when they didn’t value me as I expected, I felt used. I made a vow to myself to value more of my self awareness, needs, values and standards and what that looks like for me. If I’m expecting to give myself to someone, I have to first know what it’s that I’m giving. What you give is value, be careful who you allow access to it. That value of self is a reflection of intimacy to (S)oothe your (E)xpressions of (L)ove to the F(ullness).

Cadedra Burks

Evaluation Sunday Blog

Intimacy with S.E.L.F


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