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What Women Want?

Men can love a woman by being willing to understand her and not fix her or the situation.


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When women respect men, men demonstrate love. Men can love a woman in multiple ways starting with covering her and leading her spiritually. If he is not led by God, he can not lead you. Covering requires being practical. It’s not just what you do it’s what you say, how you pour in to her, how you commit to her, how you adore her and how you are able to protect and serve her as the man. Men can also love a woman by being willing to understand her and not fix her or the situation. Every woman desires to be heard and understood. So when a man refuses to listen, it disrupts the relationship. Listening requires intentionally. Don’t just listen to reply, but listen to show that you care. With women, emotions can run high. Women were created to be emotional creatures, so it’s important to hear her feelings and do it with intent. Furthermore, Men can also seek to have closeness with a woman. Face to face time is heart to heart time. Intimacy is ‘into me you see’. Intimacy isn’t just sex, it can be mental, emotional and spiritually. Men covered by Jesus need to pray over and with their woman. Cater emotions can be equivalent to great sex. It’s important to communicate your sexual desires, if you aren’t being satisfied. Organisms are important and so is teamwork. Be comfortable enough to teach and educate the right person. The right person is sent from God, never force a commitment. Don’t allow yourself to settle when hormones arise instead allow the spirit to guide you. Commitment is key, communication is key, connection is key. You deserve all that God had for you and you will receive it.

Ephesians 5 25-32

Genesis 3 1-6

Dionne J Edmonds

What women want


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