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In My Healthy Nutrition Bag

I was transitioning and transforming into a better version of me just because I changed my diet.


Baby when it comes to FOOD I’m going to eat it. One thing people forget when consuming food or liquids is it is supposed to nourish you. One thing I know for sure is when I’m emotional, I eat like it; Give me the cookies, chips, spaghetti, taco, collard greens, Mac & cheese, fried chicken shall I continue? Baby I need the sweet & the savory at the same time. Let me take y’all back to the day when I first started eating healthy, the idea first came from wanting to save money (baby I didn’t have no food stamps at this point). I noticed when I wasn’t spending money on unnecessary snacks, juice/pop or things I wouldn’t even cook, I recognized not only the money I was saving but the feeling I was feeling was better (chileee that after college life wasn’t no joke). As I progressed in my healthy bag, I started adding more Whole Foods vegetables, fruits and water to my eating lifestyle; I upgraded to organic + non GMO too, baby I was really in my bag. During that time I learned how to cook because I still was committed to saving money; The food I cooked became less fried and more baked/grilled only. At that time I had started working out too, getting the stomach flatter and booty bigger. Big Pidddddddddddddd! I noticed more and more how it not only shifts my health, but my mind, body, soul & spirit. TuH health & wellness unhearddddd. My mind had more clarity, my body was snatched & nourished, my soul was happy and my spirit connected with God deeper. I was transitioning and transforming into a better version of me just because I changed my diet. I’m like healthy food & liquids that change my life. To challenge my mind to change my tastebuds, I did a 7 day water challenge, 3 day smoothie & water only challenge and 7 day salad, water & smoothie. Now I’m vegan a few years later 😭. Y’all it wasn’t a part of the plan, the more I learned the more I added things that were good for me and lessons that weren't. Through it all I gave myself grace for a journey that made sense for me and I hope you do too. Do what works for you, but add in things that will nourish you. Trust me, the journey is worth it and a part of your self care lifestyle.

Cadedra Burks

Evaluation Sunday Blog

In My Healthy Nutrition Bag


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