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Identity is in identification


You know what's crazy? I learned my identity when I learned to take care of myself. The big question ‘who are you’ used to be so far fetched until I started looking within. Ohhh back in the day, don’t let someone ask what you want to do, like what’s your purpose! I used to be like Cadedra and I like to help people. That was all I knew at that point and I used to allow the pressure of what others knew to affect how I saw myself. I learn my identity is in what I identify. When I started taking care of myself by doing what is necessary for me, I unleashed a divine understanding that my childhood upbringing is what made me but it doesn’t have to define me. I’m a product of Single parent household, Toxic relationships, Sexual abuse & harassment, Poverty, Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual instability, Homelessness, Family cycle of drugs/alcohol abuse and Jail birds & dealer. Who I’am came into fruition when I began to unpack, learn and use those labels to empower myself to allow it to birth my purpose. I realize my purpose was in my service. I knew I wanted to model the mentor I never had so I chose to coach. Coaching looks differently for everyone but for me it was a change of lifestyle and increase of wellness for the betterment of self. I was modeling the person I Am and who I wanted to be by learning how to serve me first. I chose to serve me in order to serve others and that when I knew I hit the jackpot. I uncover that identity is a forever evolving journey and purpose is always rooted in service. I realized my identity in Christ is the foundation to unlocking the best version of myself. I’m a relationship builder at heart, visionary by project, creator for change in wellness and advocate for black communities. I’m an experienced detail oriented life coach professional with a commitment to providing social emotional learning through program planning, program implementation and developmental programming that leads to personal development. I’m a proud black woman of God whose mind is magnificent, body that is boastful, soul that is soothing and spirit that is sophisticated. Stop looking for you in this world and start looking within your world. Coach with me to help you along this journey.

Cadedra Burks


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