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Self care is understanding me, taking care of me and growing daily in who I want to be


Chilee the word healing was once upon a time a foreign message to me. I thought it was something people said, but not put in the work to do. I learned through experiences that healing was more than solving an issue, it was an ongoing process that required awareness & actions in my mind, body, soul and spirit. My first realization that I needed healing was in college. Being involved in multiple organizations where people share their deepest darkest struggle stories made me feel less alone, less shame and less humiliation. I felt so much shame in my childhood experiences of poverty, cycles of drug/alcohol abuse, instability, generational struggles , unhealthy patterns (emotional, mental, physical) and mental illnesses. I never wanted to tell people my childhood story nor talk about it because it was embarrassing. Until I realize after watching sermons and growing my relationship with God that my story is who I AM. There was nothing I could change about the past, but I had the choice what I wanted for my now and for my future. It was freedom in my story. It was the purpose in my story.  In order to alleviate my childhood pain that showed up in my adult life, I had to address my pass, live in my present truth & get help for my future. I had to unpack and deal with it, but I didn’t have to do it alone, I had community. I learned if I took care of myself (not just occasionally) but on a daily basis I could self reflect to become the best version of myself daily. That when my journey to healing deepened. I started to find the tools and resources to invest in all areas of wellness; mind, body, soul and spirit. One does not work without the other. Taking care of myself required knowing what I needed, learning my core values, understanding my feelings and identifying my self care routine to keep me whole. Self care is understanding me, taking care of me and growing daily in who I want to be. I know now that self care wasn’t a thing, it was a lifestyle. Now I continued that lifestyle as a Self Care Coach helping other black women invest in their self care and building community. Self care is unique to the individual, it takes investing in it to discover yourself, purpose and worth and value. Check me out chileee, invest in you today! 

Cadedra Burks


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