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Getcho Body Right

Changed behavior requires consistency.


So as I reflect on this week's Getcho Body Right Challenge I’m impressed. Impressed that me and my homegirl Day had the courage & strength to get up everyday and drink one gallon of water and do 100 squats. Impressed that although no was technically watching us, we still did what we said we were going to do. Impressed that we had a goal of gaining weight and we’re doing it the healthy way. Impressed that we are defining our own body standards of beauty. Impressed that we push each other to keep the challenge going. I realize a challenge is meant to change behavior. Changed behavior requires consistency. God said anything that has value comes with quality but we have to understand quality takes time. It’s a challenge to become quality. For the grapes to become what it really is, pressure had to be exerted, that’s how it turned into wine.  We are like wine and our quality cost something; ‘It cost something to be unique. It cost something to be peculiar. It cost something to succeed. It cost something to produce quality. It even cost you something to be you’ —TD Jakes. I learned although agony is payable upon entry we do not love that which costs us nothing. This challenge taught me that my cost is associated with my investment to self. That investment produces worth within me that strengthens my love for me. I love the shape of my body, my dimple, my hair, my big ole booty, my nails, my skin color, my health and honestly how God made me. The only thing I wanted to change was my weight. I want it to gain weight so that’s what I’m doing with my protein & high carbs in a healthy way. That’s a challenge, but like I said it’s an investment in me and I’m going to reap the return benefits. 

Cadedra Burks

Personal Evaluation Sunday Blog 

Getcho Body Right


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