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From Reject Her To Accept Her

Validation started to be who I am until I decided to accept all of me


Reject her to accept her 

Having changes abrupt in my health caused rejection to myself and how I felt others would react to me 

In my childhood, I experienced abandonment and through my journey I adapted a ideal that in order to be accepted I had to be validated

That validation looked like people pleasing by not communicating my values, changing my character to fit in, silencing my voice to disregard my standards and shifting my purpose in the approval of others 

Validation started to be who I am until I decided to accept all of me

Acceptance to me is embracing radical integral intimacy with intent in who I am

Being content with who I am NOW is implementing my needs, feelings, core values, trauma (ways I’m trigger) and self care regimen

Some parts of me have been compartmentalized through abandonment, but I’m choosing to exist in my reality raw. That rawness looks like standing in my truth, communicating my truth, understanding my truth, processing my truth, and showing up in my truth 

I believe that redirection of my rawness has allow me to show up in who I am, what I’m called to do and who I associate with in authenticity 

I’m learning it’s okay to be me 

I love that for me and I honor that on my soul 

Cadedra Burks 

From Reject Her To Accept Her

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