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I hope this inspires y’all to do exactly what you know you’re destined to


It’s truly liberating when you know exactly who you are, exactly what you are here on this earth to do and doing exactly that. WOW. There is no word to describe this God feeling. I called it a God feeling because it’s in alignment with how God sees me, how God uses me to better His kingdom. In our current book club we’re reading SJR Women Evolve’ Break up with your fears and revolutionize your life. No lie y’all this book is a legit confirmation and reflection of my Self Care Workshops Series I created for my business that I believe is going to be my source and come up. It’s crazy how God works. I’m legit at all right now like my surrender, obedience, faith and healing really paid off and is continuing to. I hope this inspires y’all to do exactly what you know you’re destined to and if you’re not sure be still enough to receive it. I took a big dawg risk, yes big dawg risk by quitting my job which was the only source of my income (choice), moved back in with my mom to get clear on my purpose (change). Navigate the whirlwind of my thoughts, emotions & feelings (consumption). Honor my vulnerability in this transition (challenge) and embrace my (circumstances) although it is not how I envision it but still having the courage to dare and believe in it. This surrender is surreal because at first it wasn’t a choice until I was left with no other. When you realize what you are doing is not making you happy but it’s deteriorating who you are and who you are called to be, sometimes a change is destined to happen. I was supposed to be in DC right now living my luxury lifestyle and giving back to black women and the community on how to invest in their wellness, their self care and their lifestyle. I guess God had to use me first to be a reflection of that before I could really honor that. Everything was stripped away and was put in purpose for me y’all. I needed clarity, I needed vision and I needed guidance for my mind, body, soul and spirit. Those are the toolkits for my business y’all, do y’all see the alignment, the self reflection questions are from my ‘Minding My Business’ workshop? It took for me to surrender my plan, be obedient in the unknown, revolutionize my faith and heal by unpacking my relationship with self and others to help me go deep and feel whole again. Chileeeeeeeeeeeee now I’m free. I realized it is always the right time to be the right time, my gift is always in operation and I always have a choice to BE. That gives me power, preparation and pressure for what is to come but still living in the now. That’s freedom.

Cadedra Burks


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