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Normalize Falling Apart

The key to doing you is being aware of your being


Falling apart allow you to free your feelings, focus your reset and fellow with what and who matters 

It’s crazy because I used to believe the only way to go is forward, but I learned that self care isn’t always linear but it’s longing 

  • Longing for desire 

  • Longing for consistently 

  • Longing for hope 

  • Longing for balance 

  • Longing for opportunities 

  • Longing…

Longing is a practice of learning, growing and empowering 

Evolving in who you are daily is a B.eautiful O.pportunity T.o do Y.ou 

The key to doing you is being aware of your being 

Being aware of your image is a way you can provide service to who you are; that service allows you to align with what and who matters 

It’s okay to not be okay and what is not okay will be okay 

Trust the journey you are on by allowing yourself to fall apart to long for falling together 

Seasons change and so do you. Just because you can fall apart doesn’t mean you have to stay there 

Keep adding the piece to your puzzle, you time here is still creating 

It’s time to be intentional about falling for you 

Cadedra Burks 

Normalize Falling Apart 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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