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Expand Your MIND

Expand: become or make larger or more extensive.





  1. become or make larger or more extensive.

When God is calling you to expand, it’s pivotal that you are obedience, discipline and focus on what’s necessary to being that vision into fruition 

A vision can be a seed, soil, fruit or death 

What are you investing your time in and what is that producing?

When you expand your mind it produces providence, preparation and purpose in a manner of time

The beautiful thing that the four seasons teaches us is TIME

When you are focus 

When you are disciplined 

When you are obedience 

Time is an essence! The essence of time is how you show up in the present of what you knew, what you know and what you don’t know 

Put on the armor of God to expand your mind by trusting in your providence, preparation and purpose 

Full circle huh? Tuh the circle of life 

Cadedra Burks 

Expand Your Mind 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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