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Election Anxiousness

When I educate myself on the things I don’t know, it gives me peace.


“My response is hallelujah, your my redeemer hallelujah“. Chile this election, this unrest state, this racism has been taking a toll on me. Leading up to election I been feeling anxious, on edge, fearful and the list of feelings can go on but after watching today’s sermon I’m reminded to focus my attention on God when I get those feelings because He will give me peace. I notice when I listen to a gospel song, sermon, podcast or read a Bible verse, devotional etc I’m reminded that God is with me. When I educate myself on the things I don’t know, it gives me peace. It’s peace knowing that it is okay not to feel okay or it is okay to be uneased. I’m human and I feel and although things could be way better with the world I know one thing is when I choose to educate and take care of myself that I’m better suit for the world; I’m doing my part. I had to realize no matter what happens in this election, even if it not the way I think things should be, that God is in control. God wins and he is with us. I voted and I’m proud to know that in whatever and whoever wins that I play a part. So I want to encourage anyone that’s feeling that whatever they do isn’t going to matter, it matter. I’m going to say that again, it matters & always will matter. I’m not the best with politics and honestly I tend to focus on the presidential election and not anything else. I’m learning the power of community & the people who makes those decisions for the community is just or even more powerful. So if you don’t know take the opportunity to learn, to educate so that you can do better next time. That type of self awareness is choosing to grow & their is power in that. I’m good with that.

Cadedra Burks

Personal Evaluation Sunday Blog

Election Anxiousness


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