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Don’t Compromise A Chance

Respecting our own boundaries is not a crime


You ever knew something wasn’t a good decision but you decided to compromise your judgment and disguise it as a chance, a risk, a try. Stop it sus you know what it is that you want, desire and yearn for so why are you willing to compromise that? I wish I knew the answers but the truth is it changes as you grow more into your boundaries. Respecting our own boundaries is not a crime, so why do we treat it like it’s on trial? Another question I can’t answer for you, but what I know for sure is you can always honor your truth. One thing someone can’t take away from you is your truth. You feel how you feel for a reason. That thing keeps bothering you for a reason. What you want to say won’t die because it’s for a reason. The reason is your truth and that’s all you need. Tolerate your truth and stand on that. Standards aren’t just things we think are important, they are what makes us who we are. Who we are matters. Standards are a choice we have to make daily. That requires your truth. Stop playing games with how you think, how you feel, how you want to do whatever it is. Tuhhhh, a note to self.

Cadedra Burks

Don’t compromise a chance

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