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Divine Risk

I’m committing to the process and not the outcome


One thing a risk is going to do fosure is make sure you’re uncomfortable. A risk with no expectations, chileeeee that’s something I heard and it resonates with my spirit. Oftentimes when I’m taking a risk, I expect the outcome to benefit me in a way that I see best. I’m learning to pay attention to the unseen. It’s what I don’t see, what I don’t hear, what I don’t know that leaves room for growth, expansion and opportunity. The fact that I took the risk, let’s me know I have the courage to do something even when it doesn’t turn out in my favor. It’s one thing to say and another thing to DO. Doing is what gives me power. I’m learning to celebrate the ‘doing’, because after all I did that shit. It’s a blessing not having the outcome you expect, but you gained more than you thought when you surrendered the idea and allowed the spirit to flow. Flowing for me is trusting my grace, my gut and my gifts. Grace is my ability to not know everything and allow my mistakes to be missions. TUH a word *Praise dance! Gut is my supernatural ability to focus on what I already know, it’s living in the NOW. Bars! Lastly the gifts, gifts are blessings from God, that we give back to others. My gift is Self Care Lifestyle. The stages of my gift: seed (vision) 2019, word (tools) 2020, flesh (execution) 2021. I’m committing to the process and not the outcome. The outcome is rooted in my daily risk to move forward! I rock with that. That’s how you honor a divine risk!

Cadedra Burks

Divine Risk

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