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Detoxher in order to DefineHer

This new season I’m tapping into my definition of black luxury lifestyle


Chileee when it’s a new year, it’s a perfect reset to reassess, re-evaluate and renew your normal. Lately I have been in a season of transition and my control has been completely relinquished. I keep trying to tell myself this quote of “It’s not happening to me, it’s happening for me”. The problem with this is I don’t want it to happen for me when it causes pain, despair and insecurities. I’m learning that my self care is being challenged, but I have cultivated tools that are of service to me. I’ve been detoxing more in order to define myself. Detoxing thoughts, emotions, opinions and questions makes me feel less than because of the need to handle things by myself, to be in control and to know why everything happened. This new season I’m tapping into my definition of black luxury lifestyle. Luxury for me is walking in God’s faith, trusting in the unknown, accepting things out of my control, believing bigger in what I can’t understand, living a minimalist luxury lifestyle (clothes, apartment & location), financial freedom, liberating who I am + making room for my wants and being of service to the minorities who need me most. It’s crazy because I feel that I’m tapping into it now, although God is about to accelerate it. I realized sacrifices are a detox in disguise of self awareness. That self awareness allows you to define who you want to be. Being allows you to be free in the now of what you know and what you have. Do the best you can and know that is the best you can be. Go at your pace and honor what works for you. The ‘heal’ in ‘healthy’ is an evolving journey, what has happened for me is a part of that new level. Allow that level to be about the courage of going through it instead of the despair it causes. Nothing is never about the bad, it’s always seeking the good. I’m practicing seeking the go(o)d in God. That’s crazy faith.

Cadedra Burks

Detoxher in order to DefineHer

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