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Destress Can Look Like

'if we don’t make time for our wellness, we will be force to make time for our illness'


What does destress look like for you? Stress is a natural cause of life but I’m learning that the choices we choose to make will serve it or subject it

When we choose to serve stress we are taking captive of what we can control and the results it produces in reality; The reality of the fruits of the spirits 

Taking captive can look like 

Challenging the comfort to do it 

Challenging the confidence to believe it 

Challenging the concept to overcome it 


When we choose to subject stress we allow what’s happening to take captive our well-being. Mentally, we allow what’s happening to ferment our focus 

When we lose focus, we can lose sight of self awareness, self love and self worth and value 

No wonder why we can’t recognize ourselves 

I read this quote that said ‘if we don’t make time for our wellness, we will be force to make time for our illness’ 

Making time is subjective for what we are choosing to do, believe and overcome 

That’s freedom 

Taking captives of the choices you’re in control of, allows you to connect, cultivate and create the destress you desire 

So I asked now what’s causing you stress? Do you believe you can challenge yourself to choose what’s necessary for you?

What’s necessary for you isn’t always comfortable, but it’s worth the work needed to serve you 

Drops mic 🎤 

Cadedra Burks 

Destress Can Look Like 

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