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Desires of your heart

There's nothing wrong with the desire of love if it is coming from a sufficient space


At 27 years of age, I finally understand the power of love. Love is what it is; love is not based on conditions, it’s based on your heart and God. God in 1 Corinthians 14: 4-8, told us exactly what love is. I used to have a hard time receiving love because the lil girl in me grew up wanting to hear the affirmations/affection of love (hints my love language). I realized that lil girl has led me in toxic relationships, toxic dating patterns and toxic outlooks on relationships because I sought from a place of insufficiently. I saw the hurt, I felt the hurt, but something in my spirit didn’t want that hurt to define me and how I chose to move forward. Being led by the spirit which I believe is that gut feeling is knowing who you are, whose you are, what you need and what you want out of life. The desire to be loved is by knowing your standards, values, character and purpose. I realized once I started discovering who I am, it started to cultivate and shape the people, the experiences and the outlook of how I thought about love. I realized there's nothing wrong with the desire of love if it is coming from a sufficient space. Knowing that you are enough is an honorable badge, choosing to operate from that place of worthiness is walking in who God called you to be. The little girl, your gut feeling and the Holy Spirit embraces the desire to be loved by standing on God’s word. Remember it isn’t the desire that’s the issue, it is the place of insufficiency or sufficiency where that desire operates from. In order to know that place you have to know you. Get to know you by investing in tools that will serve as a reflection on who you are. Allow your thoughts to fluster through different types of expression options such as writing, drawing, painting, singing, reading, dancing and listening. Your tools can be through Journals, Books/Bible, Podcasts/Youtube/Sermons, Self Help Workbook/Ebook and Coaches, Therapists, Mentors, Small Groups. Knowing your tools allows you to show up and be a reflection of what it is that you want. Not the person you want to be but the person you are now. Learn to love her and the true desires of your heart will be given to you; Psalms 34:4.

Cadedra Burks

Desires of your heart

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