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Defining the M.I.N.D

M.ake I.ntentional N.uance D.ecisions


It’s May so it’s mental health awareness month and I want to tap into what it means to take care of the mind 

I want to define the M.I.N.D 

M.ake I.ntentional N.uance D.ecisions

Baby I love a good acronym 

It’s crazy because caring for your mind involves making intentional choices, changes, circumstances, consumptions, and challenges 

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The nuances of care can really determine the depth of how you operate out of your needs, feelings, core values, trauma and self care regimen 

It’s a daily decision to accept, affirm, aspire and assess how you prioritize being an asset 

Tapping into how you define what’s necessary for you is how you implement, improve and improv the care you need 

  1. So what’s on your mind? Be honest 

  2. When did it start? Don’t lie 

  3. Where is it affecting you in life? Be specific

  4. Why does it matter? If you mind, it does matter 

  5. How do you want to move forward? Are you ready yet? Tap into grace here 

  6. Who can help you? You don’t have to go through it alone! 

Starting or strengthening the process of what’s necessary for your mental wellbeing is valuable 

Now that you define your M.I.N.D, it’s time to apply it in real life 

You are more than capable, right? Affirm it now and get to it Bae 

Cadedra Burks 

Defining the M.I.N.D

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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