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Dear, Aspire Self

S.sacrifice T.ime and E.ndure  the P.rocess with S.elf Love


Stop all that but this, if this, should be this if, would be this if, blah blah blah, get that out of your mentality and take steps to get there. Everything is about S.T.E.P.S, chilee you know I love an acronym. S.sacrifice T.ime and E.ndure  the P.rocess with S.elf Love. Ayeeee it’s you loving you in the process, in the seasons and through the storms for me; this is a  celebration of wins. Everything we desire will happen in the flesh since the Bible said it baby, check out verse Psalm 37:4. So now it is my turn to manifest my highest self and I want you to do it too. Dear aspire self, baby I see you flying everywhere first class, on my way to 5 star hotel/air bnb only in all black Porsche, braid down to your butt, debt free and money flowing to me easily, top tier services, husband fine and black, a garden in the back of my luxury home in the country, coaching and building a Self Care Lifestyle team. I see you making millions off the Self Care Lifestyle Academy, Self Care Lifestyle Garden and Self Care Lifestyle Galaxy. I see the team of girls in schools and colleges running those self care workshops from the Self Care Lifestyle Academy; This cohort is a system to invest, learn and apply what is necessary for their mind, body, soul & spirit. I see black women showing up and showing out in the Galaxy app to get a 1 stop spot that offers inclusive accessible wellness tools to track their self care journey. I see a garden of HEAL |THY | essential tools and items that are a representation of the black women’s mind, body, soul and spirit of well being, well lifestyle and a well community. Baby the breakfast club can’t wait to have me. SJR collaboration with Women Evolve X Self Care Lifestyle at a conference is in the works. A healing x self care retreat w/Tash will be life changing yearly! I see you BAE, thriving in who God has called you to be, that is aspirational. Your turn! 

Cadedra Burks

Dear, Aspire Self 

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