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Confident X Boundaries

Being overworked and overwhelmed can cause you to give up


What you bring to the table is enough —Coco Jones! Chileee if that isn’t the truth I don’t know what is. I want to keep that momentum going… who you were was enough, who you are is enough and who you are becoming is enough. One thing I’m learning as I’m growing in a season of the unknown is that I am good enough. I’m good enough for the lifestyle I desire, I’m good enough for the relationship I desire, I’m good enough for the career I want and I’m good enough for whatever I put my mind, body, soul and spirit to. In a world of criticism and comparisons, oftentime being good enough can look like being overworked and overwhelmed. Let me break it down, when you are overworked most people say you are winning but really it is a boundary overlooked; that boundary can stem from a lack of preparation and lack of balance. Overwhelmed stems from a boundary not being attended to and putting too much on your plate. Being overworked and overwhelmed can cause you to give up on your needs, what you desire and who you want to be; in order to combat those causes, you have to be confident. I’m learning that confidence is the key to knowing that you are enough. Confidence is learning, being and acknowledging self assurance. When you are self assured, you can set and honor boundaries that serve you instead of deplete you. Serve you by having a strategy of setting personal, professional and self care goals; in each category write 2-3 tasks you need to do. Serve you by prepping your days in order to balance your lifestyle; that can help you be less overworked and overwhelmed. Serve you by practicing positive self thoughts, talks, teaching and things will affirm your confidence. Remember boundaries are of service to you, show up in confidence for yourself.

Cadedra Burks

Confident X Boundaries

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