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Confident, A Letter From God

Practice being me


Chileeee so I got a question? When you are doing something that’s good for you, do you struggle with being confident in it? As I grow in who I’am I noticed I’m confident about that but when it comes to showing up as my full self in spaces, my confidence begins to demean in comparison, unworthiness, perfectionism and this ideal to ‘fit in’. The disconnect for me is the confidence in what I know. It’s not what I know, it’s this desire to be seen, heard and valued for who I am but when it’s time to put that on the table, I still struggle. I hear God saying that I need to stop seeking validation in others’ value of my being and bring who I’am + what I know to the table. Tuh, the table is the being of what I know, the value is me. He is telling me that the disconnect is me trying to separate who I’am and what I know. Instead place them together in unity, that’s me being whole. A word! He’s telling me it’s nothing wrong with being nervous for putting your realist, rawness and reclaiming of who you thought you had to be on the table. He lets me know the confident shine when I remember what I know, what I am and who I’m called to be. He let me know that’s why he’s having me practice being me because I haven’t fully stepped into being comfortable with that and that’s okay. He’s telling me to keep practicing because eventually who you are wouldn’t even be a thought to present but to be. Bars

Cadedra Burks

Evaluation Sunday Blog

Confident, A Letter From God


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