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Do what works for you and not the approval of what people think is best for you


What have you been conditioned to that doesn’t work for you? Condition: have a significant influence on or determine (the manner or outcome of something). Condition is rooted in comparison, circumstances & clout. Is this ideal to fit in, this is what is best mentally. I’m learning to strip the conditions and do what works for me.That goes for all types of relationships, jobs, hobbies, lifestyle choices and so on. Doing what works for you is so underrated and people wonder why they don’t know who they are. Who you are is rooted in your character, morals, values and purpose. To get to the root you have to get to know what works for you and what you like to do. So I asked again ‘What have you been conditioned to that doesn’t work for you?’. Strip the condition and honor you by honoring the truth of your matter. Tuh chileeee let me get my list. S-E-X mama secret daddy gon go crazy when he found out that his baby has SEX 🎶. Come on Lyfe Jennings, naw fr for me causal sex is not my prerogative. For me giving up something so sacred is honorable and sometimes I would do it knowing I don’t feel seen, heard or valued and in the end I always feel empty. Baby nobody got time to feel used for something so sacred. I started an abstinence journey July 2020 and babyyyyyy my power has been revived. I realized I struggled with that area in the past because of past trauma, but I choose to invest in it for the betterment of who I am. I love it and I’m not looking to go back to casual sex, or we like each other let’s have sex or even feeling like it’s an obligation if I’m dating a person. No baby, my prerogative is keeping the cookies to myself so they no longer crumble. I don’t want another soulless tie, uhearddddddd. A few others that come to mind are that women have to reproduce, if you don’t go to church you don’t love God, if you don’t burnout then you aren’t doing enough. Chileee I’ll talk about these in the next vulnerability session Dec.23 @8PM on IG Live. That’s to say, do what works for you and not the approval of what people think is best for you. God knows what’s best, PeriodT.

Cadedra Burks


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