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Combating Anxiety

Tips you can do in the moment when your anxiety is triggered


Being anxious isn’t something we choose, it’s something that happens when we are triggered. When we have experienced trauma, when something is out of our control or we aren’t comfortable with doing something, trust you not it. Our mind can tell us stories that aren’t happening, that aren’t real and what isn’t going to happen. I’m learning to combat anxiety whether it’s ongoing or it’s triggered by acknowledging the NOW. Acknowledge what is happening vs what is not happening. Acknowledge the truth of what you know vs what the anxious thoughts are telling you. In the moment deep breaths are essential; It helps us relax when the anxiety is anxietyyyyyyyyyyyyING if that’s a word. Taking care of ourselves looks like doing what’s best for ourselves in the now and later hunni. It’s also recognizing when things get out of our control and choosing professional help. Don’t allow the stigma to trick you into not doing what’s best for you, what works for you and what will help you. Self care is knowing what you need. Don’t suffer in silence when you can and will grow in healing. Healing what has happened to us is an evolving journey, trust the progression! The progression shows how far you came, how far you can go and the celebration of your now. Doing what works for you daily isn’t a crime, it is a celebration. Celebrate you for doing what best, being what best and showing up for what is best for you.

Cadedra Burks

Combating Anxiety

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