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Choosing Liberation

Living in the present is true liberation


Living in the present is true liberation

You are liberated by doing what’s necessary for you 

Liberation is 

Learning with you 

Practicing being you 

Loving you for you 

Trusting the journey destined for you 

The intention to get to know you will reveal who you are and what you are called to do 

Here are five ways you can begin investing in your liberation 

1. First, you have to build a system of self care that will honor your needs, feelings, trauma, core values and self care regimen

2. Second, you will tap into your mental by becoming conscious of your choices, consumptions, challenges, circumstances and changes

3. Third, you will honor the healing in your body through body image, nutrition, movement and rest

4. Fourth, you will soothe your soul with love by being an asset in acceptance, affirmations, accessibility & aspirations

5. Fifth, will unpack higher power, higher self & higher destiny by applying the meaning of stillness, sacrifice, substance and a strategy in a practical faith based approach

Know that liberation is intended to serve you as you reflect who you are in God, with God as self

Tuh the Self Care Lifestyle Way, if you’re interested check out the academy or the next self care workshop of the month to begin learning and applying these tools to your lifestyle 

Cadedra Burks 

Choosing Liberation 

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