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Choose who you want to be

In order to be your best version of yourself you have to break up with parts of you that doesn’t serve you


It’s crazy because after watching Black Lightning ‘Painkiller’ episode I realize something on a deeper level. In the episode, Khalid the character had two personalities; one was the best version of him and the other was his demon. In the season we see how he chose to suppress his trauma and it came back full circle. In order to be your best version of yourself you have to break up with parts of you that don't serve you. It's like I knew that, but when I started unleashing some of the things I didn’t want to control me, I was like this is harder than I thought. Khalid had to make a daily conscious choice to not fight with his demon, but to make peace with it. He noticed he couldn’t just delete it, but he can acknowledge it and work to become better. For me, things I’m working on are asking before I start dumping, asking before I start assuming and asking before I start expecting. I struggle with not expecting me from people and deep down it a demon of validation. The crazy part is I recognize it now, but I still get caught up in it. It shows up in ways I least expect, it’s safe to say different levels of me still requires addressing that demon. It's a forever evolving process and I learned to give myself grace for that. Things I got better at is accepting what I believe, honoring how I show up and seeking me and not ‘it’. This shows up differently but just like Khalid I’m choosing to make peace with it and so can you. I know who I’am, whose I Am and what I’m here for. So I’m bringing it with me as I am with me daily.

Cadedra Burks

Choose who you want to be

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