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Changes in Circumstances

“God wants us to look up, not around”


Have you ever felt like what you were supposed to be doing, who you were supposed to be with or even where you're supposed to be at, is not that. It’s crazy because this week, I was really focusing on my presence. During this time of transition I realized it is okay to BE for a moment, a season. As I’m taking time off to BE I realize I reach another peak of life. It’s funny because at first I was like, it is something I should be doing because after all society tells us if you aren’t doing then you are not worthy. Then I realized when my worth settled in, I can be doing absolutely nothing and that is more than enough. Although my current circumstances aren’t what I envision, it's all I need for now. Living in the now can be tough for me when I consume what the future should be, before I can even be present in the NOW. Sus said “God wants us to look up, not around” —Marshawn Evans Daniels. That’s exactly what I plan to practice this week and forward, it’s not about actually doing something but being free of that something. It’s not about the actual circumstances, it's about how we feel, how we think and how we let that affect us. Change how you think about your circumstances by being free in that change. All that requires is for you to BE. A Werdddd!

Cadedra Burks

Changes in circumstances

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