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Call A Thing A Thing

Call it what it is, speak your transformation


Keep showing up even though you can’t say or do what you want to do at the moment. Even if God doesn’t do it in your time it doesn’t mean He’s going to let down what He promises you. Do good and God at the same time. God didn’t give you a vision to back down, wait for God. Stay in position, I know you have been waiting. What you feed yourself while you are in position makes a difference. Your season is not lost, God is protecting it. Don’t sabotage your destiny with how you think, feel or speak. It doesn’t matter what you used to do, but what you are willing to do now. Call a thing a thing & make a declaration. Speak again! Call it what it is, speak your transformation. The breakthrough is in your communication. Allow Jesus to change your language to speak the life in you that He has declared. Declare it in the name of Jesus. A word from our homegirl SJR!

Cadedra Burks

Call A Thing A Thing x Sarah Jakes Robert

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