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BudgetHER is to ManageHER

Budget is not a crime, it is actually an investment to live a self care lifestyle


Chileeeee I remember the days when I was making $1200 a month, right after I graduated college with a BS in psychology in 2016! Yes you read that right and honestly it was one of the best years of my life. To be honest, I was living off $1200, food stamps, free medical care and two credit cards. I was in so much debt but I was living the time of my life. How ironic, right? My two credit cards were my source of extra income so baby I was traveling, living and being free with what I had. Did I mention I had an apartment, car & I had to finance my household items + WiFi, electric, phone bills and not to mention my beauty upkeep expenses. I didn’t at the time put too much pressure on myself because I knew bills would never stop. In 2017 that was when I got my 1st break making 30k a year and I thought I made it. You could not tell me I was not on, now I could afford to take a trip and it would not be on credit, well partial tbh. 2018 and 2019 I realized the power of budgeting and saving with what I had. I learned what’s coming in has to match what was going out. Before what was going out for more than what was coming in, that’s why I was always in debt. 2020 I decided this is the year to save and take no trips, but I realized I replaced my trip money for business expenses. Still I was in debt, chilee it’s safe to say I always knew how my spending habits affected my debt but the key was to manage it. Debt is manageable is what I learned when it came to budgeting. Now in 2021, I realized in order to live free like I did in 2016, I had to make a certain amount while still managing debt. I know now not to accept the minimum but maximum what I am worth through my expenses. Tapping into my black girl luxury I’m learning budgeting is a lifestyle and it is reflected in my spending, so I’m going to spend on myself intentionally. I learned that once I understood my income and what was left, I could allocate the leftover amount to my goals and desires. Budget is not a crime, it is actually an investment to live a self care lifestyle. When you learn to work with what you have it helps manage the lifestyle you are living. Join the live 1/27/22 @8PM to learn some tips on managing your budget. Trust me, when you spend money with intention you will live an liberation lifestyle.

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BudgetHER is to ManageHER


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