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Bridge Burned

I don’t hurt from what I heal through


My circumstances are on an assignment. God is bringing everything to the surface; toxicity, trauma, unhealthy ties, control and pain. The evidence that uprising doesn’t need to go with me. My circumstances are the evidence that I went through, I’m learning in the midst of this environment to use the tools of my self care regimen. It’s not about what’s happening, it’s about choosing to operate in that heal version of me. I’m learning to release the judgement, shame, control and irritation and replace it with the fruits of the spirit. The fruits of the spirit is what my focus should align to not the things that aren’t in my control. I’m allowing God’s glory to carry me and that will be a reflection of me. ‘See glory, become glory and watch how glory reverberates everything connected to me’. Who I become to survive is not the same person I need to thrive, my girl SJR taught me that. My self care has been out to test that my glory has burned that bridge of circumstantial evidence and I’m a testimonial to that. I now recognize that. I’m okay with that. Thank God that I don’t look like what I’ve been through, but also I don’t hurt from what I heal through. It’s happening around me but not to me and the SJR sermon ‘Burning Evidence’ reveals that to me. I’m a reflection of glory chileeeeee and that bridge has been burned. The chain reaction is that everything that’s connected to me has become the evidence that God work in me and then through me

Cadedra Burks

Bridge Burned

Evaluation Sunday Blog


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