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Better Friend

We all are learning, growing and empowering this thing called life


Evaluation Sunday Blog

Believe it or not I’m learning so much on this #homegirltalk friendships series. I’m learning how to be a better friend by creating a safe space for my friend/s to show up as themselves. Honestly I got caught up in looking at a book by its cover but not trying to read it. I realize I was trying to have an ‘all in one type of friend/s’. That’s the friend who is in alignment with all my beliefs, aspirations and values. God really challenged me to push myself in these deeper conversations. I realize just because someone doesn’t align on every little single thing I do doesn’t make them a bad friend. Just because everyone is on a different path of self discovery & purpose doesn’t make me further. I’m no better than anyone. We all are learning, growing and empowering this thing called life. One important aspect of friendships I said is growth but it is crazy when you don’t accept the growth if that’s not how you see it, that not how you believe it or that not how you learned. Then God said that’s growth, you can’t expect to be in control of how you grow. That when it hit me. I have different friends that bring out the best in me in different ways and it doesn’t always look like peaches and cream. So now when I think of likeminded, equally yoked, best or however I see myself connected to the word friend, I'm reminded of grace. 

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Better Friend

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