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Believe It’s Yours

Being myself helps me become less performative and more raw, real and revived


Chileee this phrase ‘believe it’s yours’ has sparked my evaluation of myself this week. It’s crazy because I know I’m guided from the spirit and my education is sufficient to my knowledge but I still have some doubt in what’s for me. The odd part is not because I don’t know what I’m capable of but because I do know. I often question if people will see my craft as value, but secretly it is if they will see it as valid; Like is what I’m saying sufficient, is what I’m doing enough or what I’m pursuing worth it. These hidden validation questions come from that little girl who wants to be seen, heard and valued. I’m learning that believing it’s yours is not necessarily what you know, it’s how you show up for what you know. BARS. I keep hearing the whispers of God saying what you know is value, what you’ve experienced is value and most importantly who you are is value. As I’m growing in my business I’m trusting the value I bring by showing up in my truth. A tip God has been saying when doubt tries to creep in, when uncertainty tries to take over my faith is to be myself. Being myself helps me become less performative and more raw, real and revived. When I’m trying to perform for validation, I realized that’s when insecurities, comparisons, nerves and doubt creep in. God is telling me to seek from my place of value by believing in me, by believing it is mine. That was a word, don’t let that go over your head. Keep going, keep trusting, keep thriving and just keep whatever your gift, talent and purpose is. Return to who you are if you want to go from seeking validation to seeking value. Trust what you know for sure and that will support the authenticity of who you are. Drop mic!

Cadedra Burks

Believe it’s yours

Evaluation Sunday Blog


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