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Being Present in SEEING

The five senses are see, touch, smell, hear and taste


It’s 2024 baes and I want to kick off this year by discussing how to be present with the five senses and how that connects to our self care 

The five senses are see, touch, smell, hear and taste

I want to focus on the presence of seeing now. Have you ever really just focus on the things, people or places you see 

Let practice now: 

What do you see now? What does it feel like, what needs do it require, does it offer value, does it trigger something or are you immune to mundane of what you see

Is what you see serving you? How can you cultivate what you see that can be of service to you? 

Our reality can often depend on what we choose to see, what choices we chose to make, what circumstances we experience, what changes challenges us or what we are consumers of

Pause take a deep breath 😮‍💨 

I want you in 2024 to be conscious of your reality by being presence of your being 

Pause to braindump what is currently on your mind 

Turn your busy into consciousness breathwork, braindump and brainstorm as tool to invest in yourself mental self care 

Pause to brainstorm what you want your reality to be a reflection of internally and externally 

Pause and affirm I got this, I can handle this, I’m capable of this, I’m doing this 

Cadedra Burks

Being Present in SEEING 

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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