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Being and Blooming

God shifted me out of my comfort zone to be more free


Wow this podcast episode ‘Dealing with discomfort and providing space for black women in wellness spaces’ made me realized what God is doing 

I was always a planner, grounded in comfort, responsible individual operating in a “safe”mode

God shifted me out of my comfort zone to be more free in who he has called to be and what he has call me to do 

Donnisha (shoutout to my homegirl) was a light to teach me how to live more free spirited 

God allowed me to bloom in the wilderness by not having a plan, not knowing what’s next, not doing what feel good, not doubting my spirit, not surviving in weariness and not limiting my beliefs

He’s teaching me that true creativeness is in freedom of who I used to be and who he’s calling me to be 

This new me is breaking past the barriers of constant validation and control into selflessness + patience. It’s time to be liberated in my wilderness 

What do you do with all you have and know? 


I realized the war was being comfortable in the wilderness, but now I understand that’s where true liberation lies 

Tuh it’s blooming season 🌿

Cadedra Burks 

Being and Blooming

Evaluation Sunday Blog 


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