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BeHER in the NOW

Four ways to BeHER; Respect your standards, values, character and purpose


Time and grace is how I’m beginning to walk into what it means to be me. Who I was, who I’am and who I want to become is all center in being. Being is the existence, soul and creation of one’s self. Time in being is me getting to know the essence of vibration, the presence of the now and an understanding of what is happening. I’m learning that time is a virtue when walking into what it means to be my higher self. At first I thought my higher self was solely dependent on my career achievements. It was this ideal to be acceptable, accomplished or an asset in the eyes of society. Now Chileeeee, my virtue is unconsciously consciously giving myself liberation. That liberation for me is rooted in grace. Grace is this love of the be, being and becoming. Bars! In order to BeHER, I’m giving myself the honor, glory and peace that transcend all my understanding; Get into the Bible verse Philippians 4:7. What’s important to me is what matters, what I invest in is a return, what I consume becomes a part of me and healing is an energy embrace. Whew! I’m getting to know what’s acceptable, what’s an accomplishment and what’s an asset to me and for me. The ‘what’ is my beginning and the ‘why’ is the journey. I’m learning to BeHER by recognizing the truth of who I was, am and becoming. That’s who I’m taking on a date, the person I Am now. I love her, I adore her and I appreciate her. It’s time to serve her by doing what’s best, knowing what’s best and living in what’s best. The best is now, I’m learning to live in that; that’s my opportunity to BeHER. Four ways to BeHER; Respect your standards, values, character and purpose. That's how you show up as HER.

Cadedra Burks

Evaluation Sunday Blog

BeHER in the NOW


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