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B.O.D.Y Movement

Physicality help you move better (energy), feel better (less stress) and act better (kindness)


Girl you know you got the body ody ody! Chileee when it comes to moving this body, I’m gon do it. The secret to my method is doing exactly what I like to do, that helps build my discipline & endurance which in return helps me stay consistent. Understanding my body needs help me manage my capacity. Baby you don’t need to be in the gym or working out for an hour if you don’t want to, give me 20-30 minutes I’m straight; Hints CDC recommend it to, check it out here. People will tell you what you need do all day to achieve a certain result, but if that not your cup of tea, change it. I’m not saying that you can’t challenge your mind to do what you believe you aren’t capable of or push yourself to higher limits, but be realistic. I believe being realistic has work for me, because I’m not trying to keep up with everyone else is doing. I’m doing what fits my needs such as at home workouts with my girl Madfit (I love stretch & tone), HIIT, 50 Abs + 140 Squats (at least 3x a week), with a sprinkle of Pilates; On top of that going for a walk with Lyfe (my dog). Chileeeee if you can’t start with nothing, a walk is more than enough. The average person in American doesn’t even walk 20 minutes a day; seven of the most chronic diseases are favorably influenced by regular physical activity. Don’t want to be average take a walk, check out more facts here. Moving your body is essential to self care; it helps manage stress, health & lifestyle. Make time to move your body as a lifestyle not a task, make a effort to show up for your body and it will be an return of your investment. Physicality help you move better (energy), feel better (less stress) and act better (kindness). Now tell me that not a vibe?

Cadedra Burks

B.O.D.Y Movement

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