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B.O.D.Y in FULL Demand

B-beautiful O- opportunity to D- do Y- you


Evaluation Sunday Blog

You are in full demand of your health & body. God will pull you back, not hold you back. You’re gifted even though you are not currently seen, but continued to work like they see you anyways and understand your time is coming to love all of you.  Accept your B.O.D.Y |B-beautiful O- opportunity to D- do Y- you. How we define & accept our body type in today’s society is ultimately up to ourselves. What matters is how we see ourselves & what we feed ourselves. Honoring our body requires us to prepare. God is saying if you want to have the health & body you desire, you have to get up and put in the work. You have to know that late  in the midnight hour God is going to turn it around, if you put in the work. When you prepare, God will facilitate your plan. It is a miracle to be who you are no matter your shape, size or health. You may think that you are going to break down if you don’t get it together, but you are going to break through once you set your mind to winning.  You are qualified, capable and worthy of results. God is pushing you to his glory and He wants you to know that you are the solution. Your body & health anointing is in full demand. Don’t do it so man can approve it, do it so God can use you to get the better of His kingdom. You don’t need no validation at the end of the day. Trust your preparation and keep worshiping & praying while you do it. You have to make a decision of who you are going to be even when things get hard or you don’t have the results right away. When you work in spite of the hurt , God will work it out and use it for your purpose. Understand that every hurt has a purpose, even physical ones. Stand up to your hurts and watch God work. You know what you need, so push to activate it. Pain can not and won’t have the final say. Allow God’s power to fuel you into the body and health you desire.

Bible Verse John 2 3-5

Cadedra Burks


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