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Attention is Dangerous

Discipline in self, discipline in actions and discipline in being


Chileeee when it comes to attention, my soul is ignited. It’s something about being seen, heard, touched, understood, honored and so on. The thing I’m learning about attention is it can affect our choices, circumstances, changes, challenges and consumptions. When it comes to choices I realized it is a cause and effect. My gut will tell me exactly what I need to know, which is the cause. My feelings wanting to be soothed is the effect. No matter what every action leads to a solution. Either that solution will serve our needs or alter it. You know what they say: feelings change everyday B and I’m learning to look at attention just as that ‘change’. Change definition is to make (someone or something) different; alter or modify. Chileee we modify the truth of what we know just, again to feel. I’m learning to challenge those circumstances with intentions. Asking myself is this a distraction or a devotion to who I am? Change needs time for clarity and I’m learning to realize, re-evaluate and reveal the truth of the matter. The truth is to learn what the circumstance is teaching me, what I’m learning from it and how it adds to who I am or who I’m not. Either way it’s growth, it’s experience. Consumption plays a role in attention, in growth and experiences too. Investing in what serves us will allow what doesn’t to bypass us. As long as we invest in the bypass we keep that attention alive. The bypass is what makes the attention dangerous. Seeking what we need and not what we want to be attended to will help us go from dangerous to discipline. Discipline in self, discipline in actions and discipline in being. You get to choose that, what is it going to be?

Cadedra Burks

Attention is Dangerous

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