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Assess the Access

Assessing your ability or abilities is accessibility


Assessing your ability or abilities is accessibility. Ayyyyy that was highkey a bar, can we get into it. I should definitely be a rapper lol, but you know I have a question for you. How do you protect yourself? When I thought about this the first things that came to mind was trusting and allowing my intuition to lead me, knowing and sufficing my needs and having and leading with integrity. Whew I just said a mouthful, so take a deep breath. In through the nose and out through the mouth hunni, but accessibility is how you protect yourself, in other words BOUNDARIES. Boundaries provide accessibility that are clear, concise and concrete. When you are clear you are aligned with your intuition, when you are concise your needs are intentional and when you’re concrete it inspires you to lead in truth. They say the truth will see you free; check out John 8:31-32, but why is it so hard to do? I believe because we shadow our intuitions, needs and voice and that leads to a whole lottta unwanted, unnecessary and uncomfortable feelings, trauma and turmoil. We don’t want that but we often aren’t intentional about what, when, where, why and how we give access. Assess your feelings, thoughts and behaviors by being intentional on your intuitions, needs and voice; this will build integrity and protect you. Too often we focus on setting a boundary instead of communicating our needs. Tuh check the communion with yourself before you place blame on the connections with others. Whew I just treated us lol. 

Cadedra Burks 

Assess the Access

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