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Apply Pressure

Start applying pressure to the very thing that is pressuring you.


Evaluation Sunday Blog

A covenant is an agreement with God. There are two types of covenant: Fear based and Faith based. God is going to break the covenant that you may have with fear in order for you to live in your divine purpose. That's why who you are connected to matters. If you are in a season that no longer allows a person, place or thing to do what you once accepted and they don’t want to grow with you, that’s God saying it is time to stand on that pressure. Don’t allow time spent, history or blood stop you from applying that pressure. Allow that pressure to remove anything that no longer serves you because at the end of the day, whatever that person, place or thing you invested in becomes your investment. You may not think their issues are your issues, but understand who you allow in your presence ultimately affects it. You have to apply pressure to the things you need and not the things you want. The pressure that is on you is at an all time high, but it is there to make you do what you need to do. This BLM movement was way overdue, that job was way overdue, not investing into our own community was way overdue. There comes a point when you have to ask yourself, are you going to be in covenant to what enslaved you or with the one who saves you? Start applying pressure to the very thing that is pressuring you. You may have thought since you are not ready or don’t feel capable that you don’t have to apply pressure, but God is saying do it even though you don’t feel ready. Apply that pressure to be in alignment with God covenant, He will never leave you or forsake you. It’s okay to not be in the old version of you, that is why the pressure is on. Apply it, accept it and embrace it, God is with you.  

Apply pressure-Sarah Jakes Roberts 

Exodus 12 34-39 


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