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Keep going until you know where you’re going


What are you anchored in? Faith is my answer. You know I used to think because I have the spirit of God within me, that I would know exactly where I’m going all of the time. WRONG! I thought I needed the full picture to move forward in my best, but I realized my best is what I choose to move forward in. AYE! I'm anchored in faith that includes the unknown. I know faith is believing in the unknown, however when the unknown outweighs the belief I start to doubt the certainty of what I’m called to do. I hear God saying that’s your faith being tested. When my faith is being tested, that's the time to anchor in my beliefs instead of the uncertainty. My beliefs are anchored in the fruits of the spirits, however my uncertainty is anchored in belief too. I’m realizing that’s the journey, but I get to choose what serves me. This word perseverance tells me that even when I start to wallow in uncertainty, my faith pushes through. What’s connected to me is me. BARS! Don’t let that go over your head. In faith, two things can be true at one time. I don’t need to know it all to know, I just need that mustard seed. Trust that seed. That seed is all I need, even when I don’t know the full plan. The plan will come into fruition because I have the vision. The vision is rooted in how I choose to move forward in spite of the unknown. Keep going until you know where you’re going. Identify your going and lead with that. That going will produce a 100 fold return on my giving. What you give, you will gain. PeriodT

Cadedra Burks


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