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Accepting Values As Impact

Value allows you to cultivate the art in you


Value allows you to cultivate the art in you and how you show up in this world 

The art of my values is rooted in wellness, integrity, education, ambition and faith

Knowing my art is how I accept value as impact. Accepting values is knowing how you give and receive impact 

Impact for me is changing the black community through black women

Investing in black women helps build our household, our relationships, our families, our children, our culture  and ourselves

A few ways I’m currently changing the black community for the better 

  1. Investing in God as a return on my self awareness, self love & self worth+value 

  2. Two self care weekly newsletter full of self reflection tips and tools 

  3. Monthly free self care workshop that target the mind, body, soul & spirit 

  4. Telling our stories through vulnerability sessions, interviews and social media content

  5. Toolkits such as ebooks, books, bags, tea etc

This is my gift that’s curated through my spirit and I’m so glad to say that I’m doing something I’m passionate and proud of. 

I didn’t choose entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship chose me!

See how I can be of service to you here

Cadedra Burks 

Accepting Values As Impact 

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